Age of children

Hotel with indoor and outdoor playgrounds

Weather-independent fun and games

Play & Fun Highlights:

  • Outdoor playgrounds
  • NEW: Pirate playground
  • Play street
  • Play lounge for babies, toddlers and kids
  • Tollhaus for football
  • Soft play area
  • 2-field trampoline
  • Bouncy castle

Outdoor playgrounds

What could be better than spending time outdoors in fine weather... Our varied outdoor playgrounds offer your kids the perfect opportunity for this.

For all adventurers, there is the new large pirate playground by the outdoor pool - so you always have an eye on the little ones while relaxing at the pool.

Sand playground, play street and more...

Would you like to use your days off for some togetherness? - No problem... Because their is also no lack of fresh air for your kids. Our play lounge has quick access to the sandbox - it's perfect.

Even the little race car drivers will never be bored. With the Winther vehicle fleet, our play street on the completely car-free area offers all possibilities to let off steam. Here the kids can compete in tricycle races or simply pedal hard and get a feeling for the different wheels.

Adventure playground "Robinson"

If there is still too much energy left at the end of the day, our large adventure playground "Robinson" with swings, slide, and countless climbing possibilities is the place to be. Let's go kids.

Restaurant playground

Directly across the restaurant terrace is another playground.

Here you will find the perfect mix of a cozy stay and play fun for the kids. For example, you can enjoy a delicious ice cream while you watch your kids play - simply wonderful.

Indoor playgrounds

Bad weather? No problem! It's simply wonderful to be able to play and romp around regardless of the weather, and our numerous indoor playgrounds offer your kids the perfect opportunity for this.

In addition to the Sunny Adventure Land with a soft play area over four floors, 2-field trampoline, bouncy castle, table tennis, and pony riding hall, there are many other playgrounds. The excavator, for example, is very popular with the boys - just shovel like the grown-ups.

Play lounge

On 120m², slightly older babies and toddlers up to 6 years of age can slide, seesaw, climb and simply have fun as they please. Parents can play along or sit back in one of the sofas or armchairs.

Attractions such as a large tree house, an extra baby play area, a tent, a playhouse with slide as well as wooden horses, a spring rocker, rocking animals and toys such as building blocks are spread over 2 rooms.

Off to the madhouse...

The name says it all. For kids who can't get enough of playing football, madhouse is perfect. The small playing field really invites you to kick around, whether in a team against each other or just for goal training.

Those who prefer playing basketball simply use the basketball hoop for a match. And if you want to watch the game from above, venture into the adventure tunnel.

Watch out for the black eight

Those who prefer to take it a little easier can compete in billiards.

Especially teenagers like to play a small tournament here, which can sometimes last a bit longer.


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