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Time at Sonnenpark

The time at Sonnenpark is something very special for our guests. For example, they write on HolidayCheck "Once again we had a great time" or "It was a relaxed stay, where we had a lot of fun as a family, the kids had a great time and we as parents could also unwind". We are very pleased with these statements. Lean back, turn on the sound, and get in the mood for the time at Sonnenpark.


Wellness in the middle of a family holiday

Immerse yourself in the fantastic wellness landscape of the Sonnenpark Spa. A place that invites you daily to be pampered at the highest level. To get in the mood: turn on the sound, lean back and start the wellness time ...

Relaxed adventure time

A real paradise for the kids is the new adventure land with a large playground, soccer pitch, double trampoline, table tennis, soft play area and a crawling area for babies and toddlers. There is also a forest bar with a lounge so that parents can relax while the kids let off steam. Set the tone and immerse yourself in the new adventure land.

Time for us - time for me

Thanks to the extensive child care in the Sonnenpark, you can enjoy the time to yourself and time with your partner to relax or to be active. Turn on the sound and look forward to the time for yourself ...

Time for fun and games

Playing, frolicking, goofing off - in the Sonnenpark there are an incredible number of opportunities to do so. Everyone has fun here - babies, toddlers, kids, teens and adults - both individually and together. Turn on the sound and have fun watching.

Holiday time is family time

The time spent together by parents and children, far away from everyday life, is something wonderful. Here at Sonnenpark, the whole family will find what makes a holiday in every season really unique. Take a look for yourself. Set the tone and tune into the family time.

Sonnenpark riding in Willingen

Horse whisperer Hartmut and his team offer your kids riding lessons and our all-inclusive taster rides in the Willingen riding arena, which is just 650 m from the Sonnenpark, where your children from the age of 3 can gain their first experience of riding in a fun way. Set the tone and include it in your plans for your next holiday.



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