Virtual floor plan - everything at a glance

The Sonnenpark adventure world has something to offer for everyone. Babies, kids, teens or parents - everyone comes into his own. And to make sure that you won't lose the overview with this great number of facilities, together with our new webiste we introduce our new virtual floor plan as well.  
Where is the Happy-Club? Wher do I find the outdoor pool? But also on questions like "what can we do with our baby in the Sonnenpark  you will find an answer right away from today - all with just a few clicks.

With the familiar navigation on our website "Babies", "Kids", "Teens" and "Parents" you will additionally get a floor plan geared to your interests, only showing you what's important to YOU.  On severa points, it's even possible to change from the 2-D view to a 3-D perspective in the form of our 360°-panoramas - we wish you a lot of fun!

You can start your virtual tour through the Sonnenpark directly as well: start 360°-panorama...


With a click on the round button, you will start the virtual floor plan