Physiotalis massages

A great range of massages, from relaxing massages to physiotherapy!

Medical therapeutic treatments 

Classic massages:
(we also offer our Classic med. massages with high quality aromatic oils On request)
  • Partial massage: back-shoulders-neck (20 min.)

25 € (28 €)

  • Extensive massage: back-shoulders-neck and arms or legs (40 min.) 

38 € (42 €)

  • Full body massage: complete body massage, arms-legs-feet-back (60 min.)

64 € (69 €)

Foot reflex therapy:
The foot reflex therapy is a healing process - stimuation of the pressure points of the foot has a relaxing and healing effect on the entire organism and it reliefs pain.


Foot reflex treatment (60 min.)

62 €

Special treatment:

  • Lymphatic drainage (45 min.) 

44 €

  • Lymfdrainage (30 min.)  

27,50 €

  • Physiotherpy (30 min.) 

27,50 € 

DORN-therapy is a natural method to detect and correct misalignments in the spine. 

  • Spinal treatment (60 min.) 

66 €

Back massage with candle wax:
The candle wax massage is a particularly soft treatment with a warm wax composition that is good for the skin. The treatment ensures well being as well as a velvety-soft skin sensation.
  • Back massage with candle wax (30 min.)

35 €

Cup massages:
The cup massage is a special form of cupping; here the cup does not remain in a fixed position but rather is moved around the body. This particularly soothing feeling has a good effect on body and soul.
It stimulates the self-healing powers and activates the immune system.
Deep tranquillity and relaxation quickly develop

  • Back treatment (20 min.)

28 €

  • Leg treatment (20 min.)

28 €



Wellness & relaxation applications


Ayurveda treatments: 
Ayurveda is the art of living healthy and heal smoothly. With this special form of massage, warm oil is applied and it serves complete relaxation of body and mind.   

  • Abhyanga (full body treatment, 60 min.)

78 €

  • Shiroabhyanga (head-neck-facial, 30 min.)

42 € 

  • Padabhyanga (foot treatment, 45 min.)

53 €

Touchlife massages:
Touchlife is a holistic massage technique that pays the proper attention to body and soul. The energy flow is positively influenced. Self-acceptance and vitality are strengthened.

  • Shoulder / neck massage (60 min.)

65 €

  • Back massage (60 min.)

65 €

  • Leg massage (60 min.)

65 €

  • Arm massage (60 min.)

65 €

 The massages include a preliminary and follow-up consult and a short resting period at the end. It is also possible to combine different body areas in one massage


  • Shoulder - neck - arm massage (90 min.)

90 €

  • Back and back of leg massage (90 min.)

90 €


Ihr Kontakt für Physiotalis Anwendungen:
SPA-Rezeption (täglich von 10 bis 19 Uhr) 
Hotelintern: 457 od. Tel.: 05632-408-457
Kerstin Leipold - Physiotherapeutin                                                                                                

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