Homeopathy is a complete, healing treatment method (body and mind) to activate and increade the self-healing power and to solve blockages. 
Diagnosis is made during a detailed interview (intake).Blockades, traumas and disturbances can be detected,
treated and resolved with the kinesiology process. Pathological processes are resolved and recovery of the patient is simulated.

Treatments areas:

  • Acute and chronic illnesses considering phychosomatics
  • Life crises, behavioural problems, concentration- and sleeping disorders, leaning disabilities, allergies, weight irregulaties
  • Blockades, traumas, life issues - finding the personal remedy to improve your complete condition (= homeopathic constitutional treatment)


  • Short treatments for acute illnesses 

40,00 EUR

  • kids 
ca. 100,00 EUR
  • adolescents and adults, depending on duration of treatment (ca. 60-90 min.) 

ca. 120,00 - 170,00 EUR

Addtional offer:
During free lectures in our seminar room you can get an introdcution to homeopathy and the method of working of our homepathist Rainer Rölleke krijgen. Addtionally you will get tips and advice to compose a usefull homeopathic home- and first-aid kit  
Current information about the lectures and seminars is mentioned in the Sonnenpark-morning post and in the entertainment programme.


Internal: 452 or. tel.: 05632-408-452
Mobile: 0170-90 69 229 

Rainer Rölleke 



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