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May 2011 - from sheep to wool

That was great fun - kids and parents were both very enthusiastic about the action „from sheep to wool"!
Sheep Frida was the star of the guest children in the Sonnenpark.  On May 9th, shepherd Jürgen put his shearer ready, grabbed the sheep and freed it from her heavy wool-load in front of the astonished children's faces. The wool was used as material for a dream catcher, made by the kids in the followiong days.

With this exciting programmein May, the child care staff even wanted to bring the youngest ones in touch with nature already. They have observed, that more and more children no longer experience nature and its processes directly these days.  During these days all senses were activated: after shearing the sheep, they washed, dried and combed the wool together, before wool expert Jana worked it on a tradiontal spinning wheel with the help of the kids. with the colourful wool, the kids made a great dream catcher. It hangs at the entrance of restaurant Sunny now and it reminds of the valuable holiday programme.

April 2011 - Globe

April 19th to 22nd 2011 was the time for creative kids in the Sonnenpark: 14 , t19. - 22.04.2011 waren in het Sonnenpark de dagen voor creatieve kids: 14 school kids aged 8 and over participated in the action " Art in the Sonnenpark". With the diligent hands of the little artists a styrofoam ball was wrapped with papier-mâché and then painted.  A map of the world helped the kids to draw the contours of the continents on the ball with a diameter of 80cm, before they coloured it in with acrylics. When the globe was fisnished, is was ceremonially unveiled and presented to thr proud parents. "Our earth" found here place in the skylight.

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