Child care & entertainment

Infant, toddler, kid or teenager - the child care and -entertainment with leisure programme for the different age groups by skilled and experienced staff during at least 35 hours on 5 days a week is guaranteed in all Familotels. This way, the kids have their fun - and the parents have enough time for themselves and eachother!


Educationally valuable!

  • Adventure- and sports programme
  • Easy and fast contact with other kids - new friends guaranteed
  • Spacious playroom(s) and game library
  • At least 2 family activities each week
  • Fun with clown Happy – the Familotel mascot
  • Employees with "first aid for children" certificate
  • Paediatricians, pharmacies and emergency centre nearby
  • Private babysitting at a charge, in all baby hotels: at least 18 hours of baby- and toddler care a week


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