Aquatic therapy

Aquatic therapy is a combination of the 4 disciplines AquaRelax, water shiatsu, water dancing and healing dance. With its holistic approach it offers a possibilty to stimulate healing in all fields.

  • Aqua Relax

Works with the help of the power of water and therefore it is particularly suitable as start of a treatment. The "patient" floats on the water and the therapist has both hands free to massage, stretch, mobilize the joints and to rhythmically and easily move the body in the water.

  • Water shiatsu

Developped out of Zen Shiatsu by Harold Dull over 25 years ago. The therapist moves on the breathing rhythm of the "patient". Elements from Shiatsu, competent stretching and flowing movements are alternated with periods of silence and integration. 

  • Water dancing

A dynamic and playful discipline, over- and under water sessions alternate with each other.  Provided with a nose clip, the patients is led into a three-dimensional weightlessness under water. Dolphin- and snake-like movements create a feeling of freedom in all fields and let the patient experience moments of deep relaxation and silence.

  • Healing Dance

Offered both over- and under water and the essential ingredient is the dance. The patient experiences flow, freedom and lightness in many kinds of waves, spirals and curves.   


  • Evenings starting at 20:00 or 21:00 (depending on availability)
  • We recommend to make an appointment at the reception or by telephone on mobile nr. + 49 (0) 171 / 12 12 337 (mailbox)
  • ofther available dates/times are mentioned in the Sonnenpark moring post
  •  for more information:


Prices (including pre- and post conversation)
• apx. 60 Minutes

70 €

• apx. 90 Minutes

90 €

Meeting point is the Spritzi pool: the pool is exclusively reserved for you and prepared for the therapy. Clear signs indicate that the pool is temporarily unavailable for other guests.  

Ihr Kontakt für Classic -Spa-Anwendungen: 
Tel.: 0171-12 12 337
Heike Born (Aquatic Bodyworker)                                                                                               


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